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Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a common disorder that causes snoring and pauses  breathing during sleep. These pauses may happen 30 or more times an  hour. This results in a reduced quality of sleep, making patients tired  during the day. In addition spouses often suffer too. Loud and  persistent snoring can keep them awake and take a toll on their  well-being. 


Snoring  occurs when a person's tongue falls back in their mouth and blocks  their airway.  This tends to happen when people sleep on their backs.   So when your spouse elbows you because you are snoring and you roll  onto your side, gravity pulls your tongue to the side and your airway  isn't blocked any more.  The snoring stops!  


How do I know if it is sleep apnea or just snoring?

When your  tongue completely blocks your airway and you stop breathing, it is  called sleep apnea.  Patients are given sleep studies that monitor and  record their breathing habits and blood oxygen levels during the night.   This is a simple test that is taken in the comfort of your own bed.   The results of this test are read by a physician to determine if the  patient just has snoring or if it is sleep apnea.

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